The Citizens Health Insurance Recovery Program, or CHIRP, evolved through many discussions among the authors and others interested in solving this problem. Examining the American way of life in terms of business, people and government, CHIRP is a proposal for solving Americas health care crisis in a way that benefits everyone, without putting the burden on any one participant. We hope CHIRP is the seed for in-depth discussions and research that can take root and grow into a viable and sustainable American health care system.
While we are not experts in the health and insurance industries or government and politics, we have combined experience and expertise in enough areas to offer this proposed plan that could address the health-care crisis in America today. CHIRP outlines a premise that will have to be scrutinized, number-crunched and further developed by experts to determine the viability of the program, but like many other successful programs in use today, it all starts with an idea. An important point about CHIRP is that it can be implemented without disturbing the existing infrastructure, so there is no disruption of services.
We hope you will find our idea for a solution of value and will take the time to look over the plan.
Thank you for your consideration.
What will CHIRP do? It will offer incentives to the wealthy--through tax-free CHIRP accounts; it will provide affordable and comprehensive health insurance to any citizen who wants it--regardless of family dynamic; it will preserve the existing insurance and medical infrastructure-- increasing their profits; and, unlike any other plans being proposed, it will stay out of the coffers of the State and Federal governments--actually saving money for such programs as Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security!
Businesses--large and small; individuals and families;
insurance and medical industries, the government!
A win-win situation for Everyone!
More people are uninsured or underinsured. The U.S. Census Bureau counts nearly 45 million uninsured Americans. An additional 16 million or so are underinsured, with too little coverage to protect them from catastrophic medical expenses. Medical costs have been rising at a much higher rate than inflation, and those without insurance are often charged more than those with coverage. Thus a single accident, illness or emergency-room visit can easily result in an impossible-to-pay bill for many uninsured and underinsured families.
CHIRP is a grassroots approach to health insurance for all, without placing the burden on any one entity - a shared solution to the best health care available! It came about through a simple idea. In fact, the simplicity of CHIRP may be its downfall. People in power may dismiss it because it isn't complicated and costly!
C H I R P©
Citizens' Health Insurance Recovery Program©
"A Grassroots solution for the health-care crisis in America!"
Is it too much to ask for affordable, comprehensive health care for all Americans? It can and should be available!
The idea of a national or socialized health plan is not new--it has been proposed many times in the last century. But, everyone knows that a single-payer system will not work--the damage to the insurance and medical communities would be disastrous to our nation's economy. At the same time, we also know that high deductibles and health savings accounts are for the wealthy--not the millions of struggling low to middle-class Americans. Nor is increasing State and Federal funding for programs like Medicaid or free health clinics the answer--truthfully, our government is in no position to continue this type of deficit spending.